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Thank you for your request!
We’ve received your request for a quote and are reviewing your details so that we can provide you with the most appropriate pricing and scheduling.
What happens next?
We’ll contact you using the email address that you provided when you filled out your request. We’ll schedule a phone call with you to discuss your details. We typically respond within 2 business days.
How are my media purchases paid for?
One of the first steps that we’ll take towards making you successful with your digital marketing is to help you set up your account. In your account, you’ll set up a credit card for payment. At the end of your billing cycle (30 days), the amount that we placed for you will be charged to your credit card and you will receive an invoice.
How soon can you get started?
You can get started right away if you want! We’ll spend a few hours configuring your account and setting up your campaigns and then your ads will start appearing in the places that you need them to appear.
Please be aware that you may not receive a quote if:
1 – The contact information that you provided is invalid.
2 – Your campaign request is out of scope or conflicts with our advertising policies.